Friday, March 20, 2009

Gitweb on EC2

  • Setup EC2 with a debian image, this example is based on AMI - ami-7cfd1a15
  • apt-get upgrade
  • apt-get install git-core gitk gitweb
  • Setup up gitosis and test the git works with a client
Follow the article in this link
Also, check the gitosis documentation, click here
To setup git repository with gitosis, here are some excellent articles to get started with

Sample Gitosis conf can be found at;a=blob;f=example.conf;hb=master

  • So now gitosis is working fine and gitweb has been installed. Lets assume following values * Git trees are in /srv/git/repositories
  • Lets configiure apache for virtual hosts, so that gives us the gitweb
  • In /var/www create following dirs mkdir -p /var/www/ {cgi-bin}
  • In the cgi-bin directory, copy the , git-favicon.png, git-logo.png, gitweb.cgi and gitweb.css files.
  • Configure the /etc/gitweb.conf file for gitweb settings
vi /etc/gitweb.conf
# path to git projects (.git)
$projectroot = "/srv/git/repositories";

# directory to use for temp files
$git_temp = "/tmp";

# target of the home link on top of all pages
#$home_link = $my_uri || "/";

# html text to include at home page
$home_text = "indextext.html";

# file with project list; by default, simply scan the projectroot dir.
$projects_list = $projectroot;

# stylesheet to use
$stylesheet = "/gitweb.css";

# logo to use
$logo = "/git-logo.png";

# the 'favicon'
$favicon = "/git-favicon.png";

#Enable blame, pickaxe search, snapshop, search, and grep
# support, but still allow individual projects to turn them off.
# These are features that users can use to interact with your Git trees. They
# consume some CPU whenever a user uses them, so you can turn them off if you
# need to. Note that the 'override' option means that you can override the
# setting on a per-repository basis.
$feature{'blame'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'blame'}{'override'} = [1];

$feature{'pickaxe'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'pickaxe'}{'override'} = [1];

$feature{'snapshot'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'snapshot'}{'override'} = [1];

$feature{'search'}{'default'} = [1];

$feature{'grep'}{'default'} = [1];
$feature{'grep'}{'override'} = [1];

  • Now lets create the virtual host setting in apache2
1. vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/

DocumentRoot "/var/www/"
DirectoryIndex gitweb.cgi
SetEnv GITWEB_CONFIG /etc/gitweb.conf

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/

Options Indexes FollowSymlinks ExecCGI
Allow from all
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny

SetHandler cgi-script

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^.* /gitweb.cgi/$0 [L,PT]

2. a2ensite

3. Restart apache service apache2 restart

This should get you going on gitweb, Make sure you are running apache2 from a different user and not as a root.
To tell apache to use a different user , vi /etc/apache2/envvars and add the users settings there

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