Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sample application for AJAX and Grails

I am very impressed with the rapid development Grails Offers, the power of AJAX which grails offers has made it even more powerful. Grails offers many AJAX frameworks which can be added as plugins.

I started with a sample ajax in grails application, which demostrates the following capabilities of grails,
  • g:formRemote : How to use g:formRemote , within and Outside the controller
  • g:formRemote along with g:remoteLink for inline Editing
  • JQuery Validator Plugin : Demostrates JQuery works with conflicts with ScriptAculo and Prototype
  • Grails YUI : Replaced g:remoteLink with grails UI Dialog, for Delete confirmation.
I would like to thank Jeff Brown at Spring Source Inc. and his friend Rhyolight, lead developer on GrailsUI. Without with this demo application would have been incomplete

Please find a link to sample example, which includes all the scenarious of AJAX.

Please send me any pull requests, if you guys make some changes

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